About Us

The problems of all communities up and down the country are well documented. They are many and wide ranging. Drugs, Crime and Anti social behaviour feature high on any communities list of woes. To that can be added poor health, education and housing. Our community is no different and we too have problems such as this.


What is unique about our group is that we refuse to remain in denial. We acknowledge that there are within us many of the problems thrown up by modern day Britain. That said we recognise too that amongst our midst there are many positive features which are and can be a huge force for good in Today’s Britain. We are to a man woman and child’s determined to rise to the challenges of modern day life in multi lingual multi cultural Britain. We recognise that we owe a huge debt to wider society and we know that it is high time we all worked together to make the place we all call OUR HOME a better place for all irrespective of colour, creed or gender; to give something back.

So our mission in a nutshell is that we refuse to be part of the problem, we refuse to be victims, we refuse to bury our heads in the sand, we refuse or turn the other cheek or walk away. Above all we refuse to say there is nothing we can do to change things or bleat what can we few do.

Working on general health is also a major aspect of Kumon Y’all. This is why lots has been done to help improve health in our area. Free health checks in the mosque enabled people to have the confidence to attend a routine check-up. Without this many people could have suffered from illnesses not before noticed. Many awareness sessions have taken place to help educate the people to understand the procedures in case of an emergency. Everything from heart attacks to diabetes. Over 40’s fitness sessions are also run for those who wish to attend.

We say we can and we will do something about it. If we join together we can tackle the problems and overcome them. If we want a crime free, well educated, healthy and socially cohesive society then we will have to work hard to achieve it.

That in a nutshell is who we are. We are the solution to all of our ills and we need you to join us so KUMON Y’ALL…. Let’s make a change!