Earlier this year, we held a carpet Boccia tournament at Thornhill Community Academy. Boccia is a paralympic sport that can be played by people of all ages irrespective of any disabilities. On the day, thr youngest player was 6 whilst the oldest was 69.

The event of food, games and fun was aimed at bringing together residents and organsations from in and around Thornhill. This day was a massive success as it was smiles all round showing unity in our community.

The Boccia tournament was a friendly way of bringing together the community of Thornhill. 14 organisations were present on the day. Each organisation listen below took part in the Boccia 2016 tournament:

  1. Kumon Y’all Youth
  2. Thornhill Academy Teachers and Students
  3. Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing
  4. Communities Who Can
  5. Istitute of Islamic Education Teachers and Students
  6. Overthorpe TRA
  7. Overthorpe Sports Club
  8. Friends of Rectory Park
  9. West Yorkshire Police
  10. 4th Infantry Brigade Army
  11. Thornhill United
  12. Masjid Zakaria Teachers and Students
  13. Charlesworth Court Elderly Residential Complex
  14. Church (Reverand Sue Clarke)

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