British Council

Dear members of Kumon Y’all

Thank you so much for coming to present to our group in Leeds last week.
I thought your presentation was absolutely outstanding! You inspired me,
you moved me (I was very close to tears when listening to your wise
words and achievements) and you educated me.

I think your confidence in public speaking was very impressive, you were
clear and your voices were really well projected, I wish I had your
presentation skills when I was your age! I think that the work you are
doing is very commendable. You have chosen to use your time wisely to
raise awareness about issues effecting all members of UK society, your
ways of working are imaginative and also very powerful. You should feel
so proud of the work you are doing and the positive changes it is
bringing, especially around dispelling myths linked to culture and

You are an inspiration to youth workers globally on the importance of
young peoples participation and empowerment. You are an inspiration to
other young people on how they too can have a voice on matters that
interest them and how this can affect change on a wider scale.

I’ve watched you on You Tube and also spoken to my family, friends and
colleagues about the fantastic work you do! I would love to invite you along to meet some of the groups of young people that I work with in Leeds, who could learn so much from you.

I hope this is possible over the school holidays in summer?
I wish you all the very best and I hope that you continue to grow from
strength to strength. I also wish you luck in perusing your hopes and
aspirations for the future.

I look forward to seeing you at the football match!

Until then, take care and warm wishes,

Nola Ellen Pugh International New Arrivals Project Worker, Schools

Dear Farook
I’m Pier Luigi Errani, the teacher of philosophy member of the group of
the British Council you met last Wednesday at the Radisson Hotel in

You can easily remember me because I was the oldest of the group…
The meeting has been very interesting, your guys have given to me a
lesson (I’m a teacher…) of how one can grow in a peaceful environment
with hope and brotherhood.

Thanks also for the words on the prayers, all of us need respect and
equality and the first thing is knowing and speaking each other.
Good luck for all your new projects.

Sincerely Pier Luigi Errani Italy

Dear Farook,
I`m so happy, that I met you and your boys on the last training course
in Leeds. I was emotionally moved. In my eyes were tears, when I was
listening to the presentation. I believe, we are able to live in peace,
in multicultural space, anywhere. We need more interreligious dialogues
and we have to educate others and promote Islam as a peacuful and full
of love religion. Thanks to You, I know, that this is possible:) Thank
you for the inspiration and positive energy!! I hope, we will meet again
in future. Good luck with all your ideas, dreams and projects.
Say hello to boys. Thank you one more time.

Salam alejkum.

Anna , from Poland.

P.S. I will try to send you record of the presentation this week. (I
have this recording if anyone wants to hear or see it).