Charlseworth Presentation

Our aim is to UNITE people from different backgrounds and clear up misunderstandings, and presentations are a great medium to get our message across.

A date was arranged, Jan 2nd 2014 and time 10am. A presentation was to be prepared on how different people should understand each other and learn to respect each other’s differences, bringing into the presentation a couple of taboo subjects like Jihad and Sharia Law, explaining the perception some people have and the true meaning.

On the day the lads had to get up at 9.30am, earlier than normal in the holidays and gathered at our room to set off on a mission to UNITE people from different backgrounds and clear up misunderstandings.

We got there for 10am and immediately started cleaning the garden and the surrounding area. The girls group came over at 11am and brought with them some food to share with the residents. Then the boys delivered the presentation and left the girls to chit chat with and pamper the ladies at the complex.

The youth (boys and girls) truly felt as if they had come out smiling and ‘buzzed up’! The youth had sparked and kindled a friendship with these elderly residents and they felt they had spread true love.