Curling on Carpet

Following the great time we had curling with the residents of Charlesworth Court, we got in touch with Thornhill Academy (Educating Yorkshire School), which sits in the heart of Thornhill, and asked if we could use their school as a venue for a curling competition, inviting them to join us on the evening as well. We were met with open arms when we explained our mission in what we wanted to achieve.

A date was fixed, 25th March and time 5pm. We started discussing what we were going to do and how to go about it. We were very happy when the staff and students of the school said they would join us on the day. PC Dave Cockroft and PCSOs Lindsay and Amanda also confirmed their attendance. Our local reporter Joe Cooper from Dewsbury Reporter confirmed his attendance as well. All were told that they were invited as players and not spectators.

On the day, we took some food down with us and some of the lads from Kumon y’all also joined us so that we could all have a good time and experience the joy of creating better relationships between the young and old

We arrived at the school not knowing what to expect, but we were greeted by some staff members from Thornhill Academy in a friendly manner after their long day at school. We were then shown the way down to the library and, to our amazement, everyone was waiting for us, ready and determined for a competitive game of curling.

We made two teams: the first consisting of the residents from Charlesworth Court and the staff members of Thornhill Academy and the other consisting of the youth from Kumon y’all, which included students who attend different schools such as Westborough High, Castle Hall, Thornhill Academy and Heckmondwike Grammar, along with a number of students from Thornhill Academy, who are not part of Kumon y’all.

Once the match had started, we realised that the youth were not doing too well. But we stepped up our game and got ourselves back into it. There was only a difference of three points. We took the lead with only two turns remaining. The team with the residents of Charlesworth Court and staff of Thornhill Academy took the last turn and won with just one point. A gold medal was awarded to the winning team.

We thought it was only fair for the youngest child in the room to present the medal to the oldest woman in the room who was
97 years of age.

After the match we talked about how this should be done more often to create better relationships between communities, who are very near, yet so far.