Kumon Y’all Funday 2013

A key problem highlighted by young Muslim men during sessions
in November 2012 was poor community relations and a lack of
interaction between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the local area.

Due to the feeling that there was not as much mixing as people would have liked, support workers expressed the fear that the misunderstandings and the ‘bother’ between communities could escalate into physical conflict and serious harm. Kumon y’all wanted the focus in the area to be on making friends and on positive human contact.

[quote]Lookafter our neighbours. Bishop Tony[/quote]

Following intense discussions, the young men of Kumon y’all decided to organise a football tournament as a way of tackling this issue. The young men decided that the tournament should be a ‘one-off’ event with the main intention of bringing communities together. The event was open to everyone and included stalls and other activities.

[quote]It was an atmosphere of love. Rev Tom Hine[/quote]

Mosques, churches, schools and community sports organisations were contacted in an effort to engage diverse communities in the tournament. In addition, Imams and church leaders from different branches of Islam and Christianity were invited to form teams to play a charity game against each other. The local MP and a senior police officer accepted the invitation to referee this match. However, by the deadline date, only 3 teams had booked their places for the tournament! Determined not to panic, the young members and the founder of Kumon y’all doubled their efforts to recruit teams by contacting churches, schools and the local MP.

[quote]The Event Raised over £5000 for Dewsbury Hospital[/quote]