Let’s Unite 2021!

Are you ready for the most- talked about event this Summer?!

We are making a return this Summer 2021 with our Kumon Y’all Let’s Unite football and family funday! See our initial poster below and share it on your social media with friends and family.

FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT FORMS: Click HERE to access our online form to participate in our Let’s Unite 2021 Football Tournament. We have 3 categories available  U13s (Age 13 and under)U15s (Age 15 and under) and Over 35s.

If you would like a stall on our family fun day then please CLICK HERE to download the form (you can either open it as a Google Doc file or download as a Word document using the top right-hand corner download button). Once downloaded, please ensure you fill the form in full and then save it. Once fully completed, this form must be emailed directly to the following volunteer: akeela@kumonyall.co.uk

Covid permitting and if everything continues to open up then watch this space as well as our social profiles on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.