Mosque Visits

As has been a tradition for many years, Kumon Y’all hosts an open door visit to our local Masjid Zakaria. This is done to help people to learn and be educated about the events and activities that happen on a day to day basis in a mosque. The day begins with an introduction and tour of the mosque and a practical demonstration of the ablution (wash before prayer) and the daily prayers that are performed five times a day. Following this, the guests are given the opportunity to ask any questions or queries they may have which helps clear misunderstandings and misconceptions that people commonly have. The day always ends with a special treat of food that is prepared specially for our visitors.

Our charity has invited and hosted many schools, churches, elderly home residents, West Yorkshire Police, Fire Service, Housing 21, Kirklees Council among many more.

If your organisation or you as an individual would like to arrange a visit, please don’t hesitate to email us:

Over the years, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from both young and old alike! It has also helped build a bridge of peace and understanding between people and has helped connect different communities.