Straight To The Point

The boys at Kumon y’all were very frustrated to find out that someone had made a movie against Muslims.

We had several meetings in deciding what we were going to do about it. Many suggestions were made, some not very good but in the end we decided to talk to people who have power to do something about it through Parliament.

We arranged to meet the local MP Simon Reevell and handed him a letter with our feelings aiming to influence him to get
his support.

The letter was received by the MP and he responded in a very positive way by giving us great confidence and by taking action.

We were invited by Simon Reevell to see the corridors of power in the Houses of Parliament. This invitation was accepted by us and we fixed a date to go down and see the place and to witness how things happen.

A team of twenty went down for a visit and we were very happy when we were shown around the House of Commons and then saw House of Lord in action. Seeing our own Baroness Warsi in action on the day was a bonus for us as she is local to us.

After the session, we also had an opportunity to spend half an hour with Baroness Warsi – a great experience. She talked about her roots and where she came from and the process of how she became a Baroness. It was very inspirational.

The day ended with a long trip back on the train with a discussion on how things happen and what to do if you have a strong feeling about something that has happened.