The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DofE Award plays an instrumental role in developing young people and stimulating their creativity and growth, both physically and mentally. Over the years, our young boys and girls have progressed through the various sections of the Award, surpassing Bronze and Silver and achieving Gold. All three levels of the Award require a young person to be organised, dedicated, and determined to achieve their own goals that support them in completing the Award in a set time frame.

At Kumon Y’all, we have been operating the Award for many years, and we have grown from a small team of 6 to a large cohort of over 70 young boys and girls participating in the Award! This is no small number to manage and at times we have passionate volunteers that support us in expeditions.  

During the pandemic, our young people have worked hard to produce COVID videos in support of key workers which can be accessed on this page. They organised themselves through many online meetings and produced wonderful videos that showcase both the young people’s talent and creativity. The young boys and girls are a credit to the Kumon Y’all team! Our young people participate in many social action projects that support the DofE Award. Such projects are wide-ranging: cleanups, visiting elderly residential homes, park projects, canal cleanups, lovethyneighbour projects, lets unite events, mosque visits, speech presentations and many more!

Our hard work and dedication to the Award has resulted in many awards being given to our young boys and girls over the years. It has also resulted in recognition from the Award Authority: Kirklees Council.