Tony’s Story

[quote]Tony Meadows, 81, is an ex-member of the British army. A veteran of the Korean War, where he was the victim of multiple gunshot wounds, was captured as a prisoner of war and also assumed killed in action by the army and his family and friends.[/quote]

However, Tony’s courage, bravery and willingness to endure shone through when he was released from the prison camp after two and half years of endurance when a ceasefire was agreed.


This exhilarating story captured the hearts of our youngsters and we decided to capture his story on camera and publish it, not only to show his thrilling journey as a war veteran, but to also show that he is just one elderly person out of countless others, not only at the Walker Street Complex, but around the country and around the world. Elderly people are everywhere and we see them as slow, boring and useless, but they have lived through many things. Every single person’s adventure in life is different and it only takes a moment to learn about it, and giving them that time can make them incredibly happy as we found the day after we first visited Tony. We received a letter from the workers at the complex telling us how Tony was really cheerful the day after, as well as all the other residents at Walker Street.

As a group, we had never before undertaken a project where we had used a video camera. So, inevitably, technical issues arose. For some reason, one of the cameras we used to record the interview the first time, didn’t actually record anything, which meant we had to redo the entire interview. However, this was a good test of our members’ skills of communication, organisation and their ability to work under pressure.

Having learnt from our mistakes at the first interview, we tested all the equipment before commencing this time and made sure Tony was happy to carry out the interview for a second time. We managed to get through without any problems. The recording was then edited, which meant working through the early hours of the morning on several occasions for our youth.

However, our perseverance pulled through and we finally managed to upload it on to YouTube, showing the world Tony’s achievements. We also showed it to Tony personally, and watching it made him tear up with joy with the thought that people had actually taken an interest in his life, which made all our efforts worthwhile.