Visit to Church of the Nazerene

Overall, “my prayer is that, as a result of [genuine] dialogue, both Christian and Muslim communities will enjoy better relationships with one another. We shall get rid of our prejudice and mutual ignorance, and shall gain better understanding of each other’s faith as well as our own faith. Above all, we may find that God is speaking to us, and that he has something to say to us: we shall gain a better understanding of who he is” (Chawkat Moucarry’s Faith to Faith, 2001:21). All godly theists should speak with one voice against the nihilistic inroads of Westernism.

Dr Steve H Hakes (DTh), Dewsbury Nazarene Church

Kumon Y’all was inspirational and informative. I should like to help them. Please would you pass on my email contact details.

I pray that in the future we are able to bring together a group of Christians with a similarly compelling message about cohesion.

Kind regards

David DC Currie

Some feedback for Farook if I may. Please would you let him know that I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I think it would be good for our churches to hear what they had to say as well as other groups who might show an ignorance of what Islam is about. I’m looking forward to working with them as my ministry develops in Dewsbury

Every blessing


Revd Simon Cash | Area Dean| Dewsbury Deanery

Team Rector (Designate), Dewsbury Team Ministry

I thought the young gentlemen were very articulate and passionate in their presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiastic presentation and found it most informative. I was struck by their confidence and superb communication skills. A real credit to them all.

Thank you to everyone involved and may you continue the good work.

Best Regards

Adam Momcilovic (Deacon of Dewsbury Baptist Church)

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